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Surprise your customers with a custom advertisement that will be remembered for a long time. Place an advertising stand in your premises and be sure that your potential customers will not be able to pass by it indifferently. At you will find real indoor stands.

Leaflet stands

Our many years of experience allow us to perfectly sense the needs of the market and prepare advertising materials of the highest quality. In our assortment you will find, among others: advertising stands, stands, stands for leaflets, advertising and sponsorship walls, photo stands, photo walls and shelf displays available in various forms. Our indoor stands include: stand'ard, stand'up, big stand, vertical, double-sided vertical, eco photostand, three-walled totem, tetrahedral totem, rectangular totem, photo wall, mega-wall, sail and display stand.

Free-standing stand for leaflets - choose the best one

The highest quality, precise workmanship, eye-catching compositions are our domain.
If you want effective marketing to become yours, see our assortment and discover the depth of internal advertising with the offer.


Advertising totems

The first association with the totem takes us to cultures native to the Americas, where this specific structure was a symbol of a family, tribe or other group. Nowadays, we have advertising totems that can be the hallmark of your brand. Check the offer of promotional stands ...
Anyone who thinks that everything is played out online today is wrong. Internal advertising is a powerhouse and enough! At, we know very well how to effectively promote business through advertising inside the premises.

One-sided internal advertising stands

We offer stands ...

Double-sided advertising stands

Double-sided indoor stands provide double advertising opportunities in your premises. Check what double-sided verticals made by can look like and see why it is worth investing in indoor advertising. We offer our clients stands with prints ...



One-sided standing stand with any print and shape and foldable support. The simplest and cheapest of the large stands intended for indoor exposure.

Stand'up - foldable

A stand with a foldable one-sided graphics in any shape. Intended to be placed inside.


One-sided folding advertising stands made of plastic in any shape, intended for placing inside.

VERTICAL - stand / advertisement with support

Large stand with non-folding graphics and reinforced support structure. The stand is intended for indoor display.


A stand also known as a faceboard with graphics and a hole / holes cut so that you can put your face in it and take a funny photo.


Exemplary application: as a conference wall, sponsor wall, advertising wall, wedding wall, photo wall, monidło - photo stand (most often presenting a life-size figure / object / creature) with a hole cut in such a way as to insert your face in it and take a funny photo, e.g. at a wedding , wedding, communion, hen or bachelor party.


Stand in the shape of a wall with graphics - photo wall, faceboard.


A large exhibition wall for indoor use with any advertising or other graphics. Proprietary design.

An advertising sail with a print

An interesting variation of the stand - a one-sided standing advertisement for indoor exposure.

MEGA stand

One-sided standing stand with any print and shape and foldable support. The tallest of the large stands intended for indoor exposure.