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Advertising stands

Advertising stand - let them find your company 

Advertising stand is the solution you are looking for? Then you are in the right place! Our offer includes excellent quality advertising standsthat will look great and stay in great shape for a really long time of use. we guarantee high-quality, durable, full-color printwhich will perfectly reproduce the logo of your company. Additionally a number of types, designs and freedom in the selection of the stand format. Price? It will surely surprise you! Therefore, do not waste your time and look nowhere else - find out more about our offer and order comfortably an advertising stand that will meet all your expectations!

Surprise your customers with a custom advertisement that will be remembered for a long time. Put an advertising stand in your premises and be sure that your potential customers will not be able to pass by it indifferently. At you will find real indoor stands.

Stands for ...

Outdoor advertising stands

Needed by you outdoor advertising stand? Stands outdoor advertising and all other outdoor advertising media are our specialty - in our offer you will find a wide selection of these products! Our each project will allow you to attract ...



One-sided standing stand with any print and shape and foldable support. The simplest and cheapest of the large stands intended for indoor exposure.

Stand'up - foldable

A stand with a foldable one-sided graphics in any shape. Intended to be placed inside.


One-sided folding advertising stands made of plastic in any shape, intended for placing inside.

VERTICAL - stand / advertisement with support

Large stand with non-folding graphics and reinforced support structure. The stand is intended for indoor display.


A stand also known as a faceboard with graphics and a hole / holes cut so that you can put your face in it and take a funny photo.


Exemplary application: as a conference wall, sponsor wall, advertising wall, wedding wall, photo wall, monidło - photo stand (most often presenting a life-size figure / object / creature) with a hole cut in such a way as to insert your face in it and take a funny photo, e.g. at a wedding , wedding, communion, hen or bachelor party.


Stand in the shape of a wall with graphics - photo wall, faceboard.


A large exhibition wall for indoor use with any advertising or other graphics. Proprietary design.

An advertising sail with a print

An interesting variation of the stand - a one-sided standing advertisement for indoor exposure.

MEGA stand

One-sided standing stand with any print and shape and foldable support. The tallest of the large stands intended for indoor exposure.

Advertising stand it is a solution that no one will pass by indifferently. Effective graphics, original design and sizes guarantee that your offer will be immediately noticed - this is the certainty of effective advertising that you certainly expect. We propose stands intended for indoor and outdoor exhibition buildings. Choose the solution that best suits your needs!

Check out one-sided advertising stands

One-sided advertising stands it is a stable solution thanks to a solid, foldable support, and also safe to use. They work perfectly as a conference, exhibition or sponsor wall, and as a form of internal advertising. Thanks to the foldable support one-sided advertising stands You can easily place them in any chosen place or quickly change their position. It is a functional, convenient solution that will allow you to effectively and effectively present your company, brand or specific offer.

Free-standing stand for leaflets

Leaflets are invariably one of the most effective ways to promote and reach a wide range of customers with your offer. How to present leaflets, folders or company catalogs in a practical and effective way? Ours will work here free-standing stand for leaflets. Any chosen stand can be equipped with folded or non-folded pockets for leaflets, as well as folders or business cards. The pocket can be transparent - then the leaflets will be better presented or freely printed. Pocket formats include DL, A6, A5 and A4.

Why are cardboard stands not the best choice?

We strongly discourage our customers from display stands made of cardboard. Why? This type of solution is:

  • no resistance to moisture (not suitable for outdoor use);
  • low stiffness (it is easy to destroy and damage the stand);
  • problems in transport, so it is not a universal solution;
  • weak, often uneven edges that are unsightly and may cause injury to the user;
  • low aesthetics, and therefore poor advertising.

Choose advertising stands made of plastic

Proposed by us advertising stands are made of high-quality polypropylene. Thanks to this, we can guarantee much more durability stands as well as noticeably them higher aesthetics compared to standard cardboard stands. Plastic advertising stands are primarily:

  • full resistance to moisture, high resistance to mechanical damage - the stand will serve you for a long time and will always look good;
  • an aesthetic, smooth surface that allows you to present the selected graphics more effectively;
  • even, safe edges;
  • convenience of transport - you do not have to worry about destroying the stand.