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Printed boxes

Looking for boxespackagingurns for printed coupons? At you will find not only interesting selection such solutions, but you will also get a guarantee of solid performance in accordance with your project. We will offer you the optimal size and form - we have a large number of patterns, box with a print exactly what you need. And all this at attractive prices.

Wine boxes

Window Hanger - advertising for shop windows and windows - inside

Boxes, packaging, mockups, urns for coupons with advertising

Boxes, packaging, mockups, urns for coupons, packaging prototypes

Cup boxes with your own imprint

Window Hanger - advertising for shop windows and windows - inside

Trunks with imprint

Trunks and boxes with a handle with an imprint made of cardboard with a microwave

Dispensers and displays with print

Dispensers, displays, feeders, containers, boxes for light products for the CBD industry

Mailer boxes with imprint

Mailer boxes - many designs and shapes. Possibility to freely cut holes for products.

Folders, envelopes and binders with imprint

Folders, envelopes and binders with imprint

Piggy banks, urns, boxes, money boxes

Piggy banks, urns, boxes, money boxes

We offer boxwhich we will provide you with a high-quality print with your company logo, with any content or selected graphics. This is where you will find a box with an imprint on your productor an advertising gadget, wine packaging, cake carton, coupon urn and many other practical, solid and effective solutions. Each of the proposals will be a perfect place for your advertisement. Printed boxes you can order in any quantity - starting from 1 piece! Convenient and cheap - see for yourself!

Printed boxes according to your idea

Choose any karton out of dozens of designs we offer, and we will place your original print on it. It is not only an effective and effective, but also unique way of advertising. The product, advertising gadget, or wine packed in such prepared cartons will look original, while being the carrier of your promotional message.

Printed boxes - professional printing on cardboard boxes

Boxes, urns for coupons, packaging, prototypes and mock-ups of packaging, i.e. mockups are made of durable cardboard or microwave cardboard. The cardboard box selected in a given model and in any size will be provided with high-quality, direct UV printing. It can be a photo, your company logo, or any other theme. We guarantee the highest durability and aesthetics of the print as well as the color resistant to fading.

We can print on selected walls or on the entire surface of the box. Moreover, the coupon boxes can be equipped with coupon slots or leaflets in any format. You do not have a project that would be placed on a cardboard box? We will prepare a professional, original project according to your wishes.

Printing on the packaging - the best advertisement!

Why are boxes, cartons and other packaging such important elements of the promotional campaign? They create the first impression and can communicate your message to customers. An intriguing, effective print on boxes and packaging is the best advertisement that will reach your customers before they even reach the product or promotional gadget.

Printed cardboard boxes

In our individual projects, we use durable cardboard or microwave cardboard. Thanks to that boxes with print and packaging look aesthetically pleasing and are really durable. You don't have to worry that they will be damaged in transport or will not look good during the event.

We will make on the cardboard original print in accordance with your individual project. Choose the box and design for the occasion, event, and circumstances. Pack your product or advertising gadget in an effective content medium. And… show your best side!