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One-sided outdoor advertising stands

Advertising does not end at the doorstep of your premises. On the contrary, public space can also be a place for your brand expansion. Use outdoor advertising stands and turn passers-by into your customers.

Stable outdoor advertising stands

In the offer you will find, among others one-sided advertising stands with a base in two dimensions - large and small. Perfect for both sidewalks and corridors of buildings. The stability of the structure is ensured by the steel base and frame, while the printed surface is made of durable and weather-resistant plaprop and plastic. Its use makes the prepared graphics of great quality, which will not lose its value over time. Graphics are printed on the board cut in accordance with the design. We also offer the option of covering it with a glossy laminate, which will allow you to write on the board with abrasive markers. Easy to transport and assemble, one-sided outdoor stands are a perfect tool to increase the marketing range of your offer.

Check out our range of single-sided outdoor stands and imagine how your brand crosses new boundaries.

One-sided outdoor stand with a steel arched base

Advertising stand with graphics on a steel frame - for outdoor and / or indoor display.

Outdoor, single-sided large advertising stands with a steel base weighted down with a pavement slab.

A standing, large outdoor advertisement with any two-sided graphics on a steel frame, intended for outdoor and / or indoor exposure

External, one-sided advertising walls with steel bases to be loaded with paving slabs.

A standing, large outdoor advertisement with any graphics on a steel frame, intended for outdoor exposure.