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Advertising during open days

Advertising during open days has a persuasive and informative function and also has a positive impact on the organization's image. Are you planning such an event? Find out what is worth preparing!

Open days and advertising

Advertising during open days is a great way to attract the attention of new students, employees, volunteers or other people who decided to visit your organization. With the help of various materials and accessories, you can convey the most important information and show all the advantages of the work/education/cooperation you offer. Properly designed, they can largely contribute to encouraging many people, and they simply contribute to a positive image.

During the so-called open days, visitors carefully observe the surroundings and try to get to know a given organization (school, company, foundation, etc.) as much as possible. Professionally prepared advertising materials guarantee that the right message will be delivered. If you want to make a good impression on your recipients, you should definitely prepare the space for their visit.

What is worth betting on?

When designing advertising for open days It's definitely worth including leaflets, pens, lanyards and posters. However, this is the absolute basis. It is a good idea to invest in professional, more visible stands where you can place more information (as well as holders with leaflets and gadgets). The following are perfect:

You can place photos, graphics and inscriptions on them. Therefore, they perfectly fulfill a promotional and informational role - they can, for example, direct visitors to the entrance or the main meeting place. Aesthetically designed, they immediately catch the eye and encourage careful participation in the event.

Advertising during open days

Leading advertising during the days open will make the event bring even better results. Thanks to this, you can attract more people and stand out from the competition. However, it is very important that the materials used for this purpose represent the highest quality of workmanship.

It is worth entrusting the preparation of advertising for open days to a company with many years of experience, which has a wide, diversified offer and guarantees an individual approach to the client. Only then can you be sure that the accessories will be aesthetic and functional. has been creating various advertising materials for many years, which can be successfully used as... advertising during open days. We produce various stands, walls, totems, displays and other gadgets to order. We are open to suggestions - we prepare advertisements in various shapes, colors and dimensions. If necessary, we provide design assistance.

We process orders quickly and provide comprehensive support. First of all, we take into account the customer's expectations, but we can also suggest what solutions will work best in a given situation. Do you have any questions? Contact us! We will be happy to explain everything and offer a preliminary quote.

Publication date: October 1, 2023