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Double-sided advertising stands

Double-sided indoor stands provide double advertising opportunities in your premises. Check what double-sided verticals made by can look like and see why it is worth investing in indoor advertising.

We offer our clients stands with graphic prints on both sides in any size. The graphics are, of course, a precise reflection of the project commissioned by the client. The great quality of the non-toxic, odorless printout and accurate color reproduction make the advertisement attractive to everyone within its sight. Double-sided verticals are made of plaprop - a material incomparably more functional than cardboard. Plaprop is resistant to moisture and therefore more durable than paper stands. In addition, it offers a white, smooth surface with even edges, which is ideal for displaying expressive graphics.

Double-sided indoor stands - realizations

Check the completed projects of double-sided stands and see that it is a perfect solution for your premises. Order your double-sided ad on and give yourself a chance to double the number of customers who recognize your brand.

Double-sided vertical

Standing double-sided advertisement for indoor exposure.


Double-sided advertising wall with graphics. Sample application: as a conference wall, sponsorship wall, advertising wall, wedding wall, photo wall, at a wedding, reception, communion, hen or stag party.

Lens - elliptical stands

Cardboard spatial stand with a lens / ellipse cross-section with an advertising print on both sides.